PySchools Python Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to PySchools Python Quick Reference Guide

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Welcome to PySchools Python Quick Reference Guide

This website is for programmers who have some experience in other programming langauges, and would like to have a quick look at how similar actions can be achieved with the Python Programming Language. Therefore, the focus of this guide is to highlight the Python Programming rules and syntaxes, and not on the concepts of programming.

For a beginner’s guide to Python Programming, you may refer to one of the following resources:

  1. A Byte of Python
  2. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

You are also strongly encouraged to try out these Python courses on Coursera:

  1. Programming for Everybody (Python)

    As the course name implies, the instructor assumes the learner has little or no programming experience. This is highly recommended for anyone who picks up Python as his/her first programming language.

  2. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

    This is a more challenging course, but it promises a lot of fun. For those who have completed most of the exercises in PySchools, this will be the next step to challenge yourself.

You will be awarded a certificate for completing the assignments and fulfilling the minimum requirements for each of the Coursera courses above.

Additional Resources:

  1. R and Python: The Rise of Two Popular Programming Languages?

Python Console


This is a interactive console that allows you to try out some Python code snippets without installing Python on your PC/laptop. Some basic examples are provided for you to get started.


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